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    Novaicos NOVAICOS Better Life at Any Age NOVAICOS works on innovative solutions against bone erosion, with particular focus on osteoporosis, the aim is to develope new compounds active in inhibiting bone resorption. CONTACT US The problem The Problem
    Diseases affecting bone and leading to bone loss, such as osteoporosis and bone metastases are increasing, due to aging and growing population. Since bone loss causes at last bone fractures, it is mandatory to prevent them with therapies capable to reduce bone loss and to substain new bone formation. Novaicos’s drugs are effective in osteoporosis treatment and in reducing tumor burden and metastatization, thus they could be useful to treat patients with osteolytic bone metastases.
    Innovative Solution The innovative solution
    Novaicos develops new drugs able to inhibit bone loss and tumor, growth, metastasis dissemination, and osteolytic tumours. Novaicos carries out experiments for the use of ICOS-Fc in nanoformulations for the treatment of tumor growth and related metastases. Novaicos addresses the thematic challenge of promoting innovation to improve cancer therapies offering new solutions for the growing market of biological drugs. For instance, biomaterials will allow the design of nanostructured and functionalized solutions to treat cancer.
    The landscape The Landscape
    National expenditures for cancer care will increase by at least 27% in the last ten years because of aging and growing population. Novaicos’ drugs are effective in tumors decreasing burden and metastases, thus may be potentially used to treat also patients with osteolytic bone metastatic cancer. Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies are now approved in many countries as a valuable pharmacological strategy. Encouraging results obtained by this research project, together with the safety of the marketed drug delivery system employed, allow to foresee a good transferability to the human setting.
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