The Innovative Solution

      Novaicos develops new drugs able to inhibit tumor growth, metastasis dissemination, and osteolytic tumours. Novaicos carrying out experiments for the use of ICOS-Fc in nanoformulations for the treatment of tumor growth and related metastases.

      Novaicos  addresses the thematic challenge of promoting innovation to improve cancer therapies and offering new solutions for the growing market of biological drugs. Biomaterials will allow the design of nanostructured and functionalized solutions to treat cancer. A personalized synergic approach will offer powerful tools to reduce patient suffering and thus mitigate the economic burden on health systems and society. New delivery mechanisms developed expand the possibility of conveying not only ICOS- Fc, but also other biological and biocompatible active ingredients. The social impact is potentially enormous considering the number of people who will experience a cancer in their life and the mortality rate.

      ICOS-Fc incorporated in biocompatible and biodegradable nanoparticles inhibits tumor growth in vivo, acting at the level of angiogenesis, neoplastic migration and immune response. ICOS-Fc loaded in PLGA nanoparticles or beta-cyclodextrins nanosponges inhibits the melanoma growth and ICOS-Fc in PLGA impairs the growth of a xenogenic model of glioblastoma.

      We propose to extend the use of ICOS-Fc in mutated melanoma and multiple mieloma models also using ICOS-Fc in injectable lipid nanoemulsions for total parenteral nutrition (Intralipid®) because it allows the possibility to convey polychemotherapy in an innovative way . Recent interest in utilizing lipid nanoemulsions has been continuously growing, due to the biocompatible nature of the lipid-based delivery systems, as well as to their nanometric size range.


      The results will allow to define new therapeutic approaches for targeted, personalized and combined cancer immunotherapy.